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solar-in-the-sunColorado Sunworks has been offering Consulting Services in Solar Construction and in Solar Education since 1974 in Boulder, Colorado and since 2001 in Crestone, Colorado.

The many solar home projects completed over the past 40 years include a wide variety of design/build Passive Solar homes featuring Trombe walls and Water walls and SunSpace designs.

Other innovative solar projects include:

  • Domestic hot water and space heat active solar systems,
  • Radiant floor heat distribution,
  • Rammed earth and straw bale construction,
  • Earth shelter design/build,
  • Well-water pumping with photovoltaics, csscom-home-page-image-242x139
  • Attached solar greenhouse design & construction and
  • Move-able window insulation projects including Beadwall, Window Quilt and Warm Window products.

See these projects and more at Crestone Solar School.